Discover Conservative Fiction Authors

The writers listed here are conservative and libertarian. While many of their novels are apolitical, you will never find liberal snark in their work, and you will find some real gems of political philosophy in the pages of many.

I make no guarantees as to the quality of any of these books. Many of them are outstanding, and I’ve reviewed some here. But I have not read all of them. Caveat emptor!

Additions to this page are welcomed. Just contact me at kywrite (at) gmail (dot) com, or in the comments section of this page.

Bloody Red Baron
Skorpio: The Novel

Mike Baron, long a well-known figure in the comic book industry, has more recently been writing highly visual testosterone driven fiction with a conservative-libertarian flavor. Highly recommended.

Howard McEwen’s Amazon page

Howard writes complex character-driven novels informed by his own passions, including his Northern Kentucky home and fine liquors, primarily as they are included in cocktails. If you want to discover writing with strong, realistic male protagonists, check out his work.

Henry Brown’s Amazon page
Hell and GoneFresh and different is the best way to describe Henry Brown’s writing. From the tough-guy military fiction of Hell & Gone to the delightfully satirical superheroes of The Greater Good, you’ll find something completely different in Mr. Brown’s work.

Night Machines
Kia’s Author SiteKia Heavey, my fellow Right Wing Rioter, writes deeply moving fiction about the relationships between people. Night Machines explores the subtle harm done in a loving relationship when the partners fail to communicate. Underlake, a young adult novel, examines the often-difficult relationships of teenagers on the cusp of deciding their own life paths.
HS-OBTS-D Off the BookshelfLinda Louise Rigsbee has made a name for herself by writing clean, conservative romances with strong love stories. Often inspired by her Midwestern farm, her books range from contemporary to American historical in genre. She also runs her own specialty book printing service, publishing both standard books and unique miniaturized books designed to ornament Christmas trees. Off The Bookshelf carries her books in your favorite electronic format.

The Rest of Forever

Michelle Buckman’s WebsiteMichelle Buckman, an award-winning Catholic novelist, peels back the layers of pain that exist when a mother loses her child in Rachel’s Contrition. In Death Panels, she explores a future world in which medical care is free and rationed, and human life is measured not by inherent value but in its cost/reward value to a cold and heartless government. (As an aside: Death Panels was written in the early 90s, well before the implementation of Obamacare, and predicts many of the things we’ve seen come to pass.) If you want thoughtful, beautifully written conservative fiction with a heart, Michelle’s books are a great choice.

By Force of Patriots

By the Hands of MenRoy Griffis, the Right Wing Riot’s Prince of Whitebread, has held many positions in his life, from one of the first Coast Guard rescue divers to more sedate jobs like banking network administrator. His book The Big Bang, which explores a Muslim takeover of America, is one of the first novels from Liberty Island Media. But he also writes outstanding historical romance in his By the Hands of Men series, which explores the end of World War I and the early horrors of Russian communism. Griff is one of my favorite authors as well as one of my favorite people. Oh, did I mention: he is also the Evil Mastermind behind the Doonesbury parody “Truesbury.”


A Storm in TormayChris Bunn has been many things in his life: musician, DVD editor, farmer. He’s also a highly skilled writer. His Storm in Tormay series is young adult traditional high fantasy with a flavor that feels a bit like classic Diana Wynn Jones — if she were a conservative, that is. Politics aside, Tormay is one of the best fantasy series I’ve read in years.

Strange Fall This peculiar but mesmerizing young adult novel by Kyle Andrews explores the question of what happens to the soul after you die. Weaving together multiple plot threads, Andrews tells the story of one peculiar evening in the life of a young girl.

Meira Pentermann’s websitePentermann’s first novel is an uncomfortable look at a parallel universe that is all too plausible. When a scientist creates a time travel machine to correct a nine-tenths-of-a-second error, he unleashes a cascade of events that utterly transforms his world. Pentermann’s other novels are also excellent, though quite different in theme and tone, but I’m secretly hoping that she someday revisits Nine-Tenths with a sequel.

High Treason (with Amelia Mondragon)

Regular Guy Syndrome

Her blog According to HoytHoly mackerel, but Sarah Hoyt can write. Whether she’s exploring a horrifying future Earth ruled by totalitarian semi-immortal perfected humans or the secret world of modern-day shapeshifters, her works are always engaging and a rewarding read. Apparently she doesn’t sleep; she also writes reams of thoughtful and passionate political commentary in her blog According to Hoyt and actively promotes free-of-political-correctness fiction with her Human Wave movement. You can find her at Facebook, at the Baen Books forum, and Pajamas Media. Do not miss this writer!

His siteMichael Z. Williamson is well-known in science fiction convention circles for his classic Freehold, a novel about a truly libertarian future society. When not making sharp pointy things or hawking great stuff at conventions, he writes more books, some set in the Freehold universe and many others not. If you’re trying to educate yourself on modern conservative and libertarian fiction, Freehold is a must-read. Warning: you’ll find some adult content.

Monster Hunter NationLarry Correia needs no help from me in selling his books, but I’m still recommending them. Starting in 2009 with self-published novels set in his Monster Hunters universe, Correia quickly became an indy favorite — and when Toni Weisskopf of Baen Books discovered and started publishing his work, he hit the bestseller lists. Correia’s expertise with guns is put to work in his novels, often described by liberals as “gun porn” and by real men as “just plain fun.” Correia’s outspoken conservative-libertarian politics and his refusal to suffer fools at all have made his blunt, logical, well-written blog Monster Hunter Nation a favorite outside fiction circles.

Attack of the 50-Foot DemocratsA power-hungry billionaire dreams of re-shaping America into a perfect society of his leftist ideals. A mad scientist is working on a serum he believes will drastically improve the human race. An idealistic Republican Senator is ready to retire, having despaired of turning the tide of his beloved country’s decline. A charismatic President, on the verge of easy re-election, just wants to read his teleprompter and bask in the media’s adulation. However, when an impetuous Democrat politician gets his hands on a vial of not-quite-perfected “miracle” serum, everyone’s plans are, quite literally, torn apart.Follow a small band of patriots as they try to save their country from the double threat of physical destruction and leftist takeover in this over-the-top hilarious hybrid of 50’s horror movies and modern political satire.

Debilitating Democracy: Power From The People

His website

America’s Galactic Foreign Legion series

Full Asylum websiteIsenberg’s book Full Asylum was one of the first contemporary conservative fiction books I read. How to describe it? A near-future dystopian world with strong threads of Walter Mitty and James Bond is the main course, with the libertarian stoner hippie Brownie and female wrestler Cheri Tart for dessert. It’s insane, it’s fast-paced, and it’s not to be missed.

Hell’s Foundations Quiver

Susan Ouellette’s books have been optioned for film rights, but are not yet published. To read more about Susan and her projects, check out the link to the right. Susan’s home page

Declan Finn’s website

18 Responses to Discover Conservative Fiction Authors

  1. I’d love to be listed here! Thanks!

    Alex D.

  2. Arya says:

    I’m a graduate student interested in conservative-libertarian culture and art. Which piece of fiction has been most influential to all of you as writers? In particular, which older works (pre-1960s) seem to define conservative art for you? THANKS!

  3. The 19 book series “America’s Galactic Foreign Legion”

  4. W. T. Keeton says:

    If you would list the above page, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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  6. Masha K. says:

    I have a couple of warnings on this list:
    Asterion, in spite of a wonderful premise, is in major need of editing. I have tried reading it numerous times and had to give up.
    Regular Guy Syndrome has major adult content, including fairly graphic sex scenes and pre-marital sex (although there is a very strong pro-family message overall).

    I would add Olsen’s Nation by Randy Quarles, a hilarious parody of post-Obamacare society.

  7. Masha K. says:

    Gen LaGreca needs to be on this list.

  8. Masha K. says:

    Andrew Klavan’s site is no longer active. He now seems to only post his stuff on PJ Media, so that should be the link.

    Sorry for multiple posts! I’m not very organized with my thougthts tonight.

  9. C M Cannon says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I e-mailed you a few weeks ago hoping to have you review my novel.
    I’d be grateful if you would be so kind as to add the book to the Discover Authors page for now.
    Thanks for your time,
    C M Cannon

  10. Stephanie Gwinn says:

    I have not read Michelle Buckman’s “Rachel’s Contrition”, but I have read her book “Death Panels: A Novel Of Life, Liberty, and Faith” and I thought it was excellent. It’s one of my favorites and I highly recommend it to everyone.

  11. michael kayser says:

    just finished some shopping/voting with my wallet for some of this conbertarian fiction using these links. picked up e-force by james kellog, 9/10ths by meira penterman, regular guy syndrome by john spencer dale, attack of the 50 foot democrats by rk delta. i previously bought some others by michael isenberg, walter knight, henry brown, larry correia and others, and will buy some more when i get through these.

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  13. Paul Clayton says:

    Please consider my novel, In The Shape of a Man, and my short story collection, Strange Worlds. Both are fantastic deadly works of fiction.

  14. Terry says:

    More, I want more fiction from great conservative authors. And we need more of them out there to just start writing, in a galaxy far far away, surely there are men and women out there who have a great idea for a mystery, suspense, romance, from people who aren’t the liberal media’s ideas of what is supposed great ficiton. Come on people write some great fiction mystery!!!

  15. Christie says:

    So happy to find this! Thank you!

  16. loreguardian says:

    L. Neil Smith and J. Neil Schulman’s books should join this list. Smith wrote *The Probability Broach* and a number of sequels about a libertarian parallel world, and the LaNauge series. Schulman wrote *Alongside Night* and *The Rainbow Cadenza.* They all are in mass market paper, but are hard to find; look in used bookstores. Schulman has an expensive POD, I think, but you might find it worth your money if you want the book now.

  17. Thanks! Caught some I wasn’t aware of that my husband might enjoy.

    • Jamie says:

      VERY glad. I’m getting active again after a long hiatus, so check back for more. If he’s a SF fan, check out Sarah Hoyt’s Darkship Thieves series published through Baen – I just read (or re-read, in the case of the first three) her five so far, and they are overall a blast. Conservatarian, leaning libertarian, with great space-opera ideas and themes.

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